In love, all comparisons are lame

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... Because, to study the nature of human beings is important, but also the rich and poor, pretty bad stuff just luxury goods, it will pass out, only true love is staying alone.

I play with each other and from the small South, grew up together in a college parking. We love each other with all joy sorrow shared.

By the third year, I am the same LAN (dorm mates) rented out in order to transport tutor support their families earn extra money. Tutor time, Poland was asked Tuan, brother of the boy whom she mentored. Tuan handsome, gallant, more money. I joked with Lan: "No you're lucky too then" and Lan from an ugly duckling, now suddenly become swans. All designer label clothes, expensive makeup, even Lan Tuan equip a "cricket" for communications.

Lan looked satisfied, but I can not help feeling so excited. South of the meek ​​I just know school with a pair of thick glasses, quietly beside me and care for me. The holidays such as 8/3, Lan Tuan presented a bouquet to hold hands with expensive gifts; I was only a rose. The sick day, I do not like Lan Tuan bought all this stuff to other things; South facing, but only for a packet of noodles.

So do not know since when, I saw South truth becomes bad then I unprovoked irritability, sometimes even insulting South. Sensed my thoughts, Nam said: "Now are going to school, I pass along, then one day the South will pay off." I think they do not know how long it true? For now just feel disadvantaged. Then I broke up with Nam after many years of sticking.

But then the love "pattern" of Poland has awakened me. More and more rude to Lan Tuan. Lest Tuan away, it missed to lose virginity should Lanka has proved too submissive, sexual implications. Lan Tuan shouting, telling her pragmatic. Tuan told friends "challenge Lan quit Tuan Tuan just wanted to drop time is okay." Think before or after bitter Tuan was removed. Poland has confided to me that would give Tuan. I only know of encouragement Lan: "Take courage, it is still not too late to do from the beginning that".

Now, in my heart deeply miss New South see the value of true love that Southern for me. After a month split decision Lan Tuan is also time for me to put Poland in the hospital "deal with the consequences." Said Lan sick, visited South. Seeing her Southern look, I know there is still love me. Sitting at one time offered to the South, the South looked out the door, I just like to call "South Post! Forgive, "but feel free to choking bitterness.

That's it, love to learn new human nature is important, but also the rich and poor, pretty bad stuff just luxury goods, it will pass out, only true love is staying alone. In life, too, looked at it, I secretly comparison: "Why are delighted, so happy! And her ... ". But in this world "cloned full decade" if brought true love to compare other things, it is just a lame comparison.

If you pay attention to them and weigh not mean that you truly love that person.

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