India’s sanitation crisis kills five thousand women every year

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Mostly when we hear India’s name, a thriving country comes to our mind but reality is something different I am not saying that India is not prospering yup it is thriving much fast and have really good economic system but according to the reports about half a billion Indian or you can say that forty percent of India’s population lack bathroom and they dispose in open.

Only in financial hub of India; Mumbai thirty five percent of population defecate in open. The condition in the remote areas of India is even worse where according to the world health organization about sixty six percent of population do not have any access to basic sanitation.  Due to lack of washroom in houses women bear a lot as they are sexually assaulted and humiliated when they step outside to defecate in morning or late night. The gruesome act of rape and then hanging of two dalit girls in the state of India Uttar paredesh is one of the example that how sanitation crises in India is Killing Innocent girls and how women are becoming the great victims of this sanitation problem. According to resources every year about five thousands girls in India are raped and then killed as the go in open to defecate.

Usually these women belong to the low cast and are so much poor that they do not afford washroom in their houses. According to reports about three to four million women in India dispose in open. One of senior police officer in the Indian state Bihar stated that about 400 girls in his state would have escaped sexual assault if they have basic sanitation system at home. One the report state that every 4 out of 5 girls which are living in the slum area of India have faced sexual assault and ever 2 out of five girls aged blow them 10 became the victim of sexual assault when she is going towards the public toilet at morning or in night.

Some of experts say that India need to boost up its war of sanitation by focusing on the problems of women. These types of attacks are also noticed in many part of world like you can say in Kenya but the country which is claiming to be next super power and lack the access to basics sanitation is really a shame



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