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Yesterday, Apple has finally released iOS7 as they announced in the recent keynote of last week when they presented new Iphone 5c and new Iphone 5s.

After 4-5 hours of waiting for the download, finally I installed and tested this new Operating System for the mobile devices. It can be installed on Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, Ipad 2, 3 and 4, Ipad Mini, Ipod Touch 5th generation.

I suggest to wait to install iOS7 on the Iphone 4, 4s and Ipad 2, because I think these devices don't have proper hardware configuration to run fast enough this new iOS 7.


The first thing you can see of this new iOS is the aesthetic impact, completely revolutionary compared to the past. The new icons and the new design are more "essential" and "clean".We can discuss for hours if it's beautiful or not. My first impression is that this new iOS7 is absolutely awesome.There are a lot of new wallpapers, also dynamic.This means that your wallpaper has a movement in the background to magnify the retina display.There is the introduction of new sounds and the enhancement of the old ones.

The multitasking feature is improved and the new control center simplifies some functions such has turn on/off wireless, Bluetooth, torch (you can delete for ever 3rd party apps of torch).The spotlight function is improved too and now you can use not only on the home screen.It's in a dropdown menu.

A very interesting feature is the AirDrop, so you can share contents with other devices on the same wireless network or via Bluetooth instead of send email,messages,etc.

In the phone menu it's now possible to "blacklist" some numbers or contacts. Siri is improved, especially in the US English,French and German version. The self-Learning mechanism is very good now. In the camera menu there are a lot of new possibilities, included filters and new formats of shooting photos. Finally there is the possibility to use the zoom also in videos. It's now possible to store passwords and important datas on iCloud and have them ready to use. A lot of people have apps for that (1Password is the best), it's very useful.

There is the introduction of ITunes Radio, but it's available only in the United States, son I'haven't tested it yet. It's the answer of Apple to Spotify and similars.

My final consideration is that you need to install try it to appreciate all the power and enjoy the fluidity of this Operating Sytem. Every time you "play" with your mobile device you like new features more. It seems to be in a "game".  I definitely like it very much.

In the next issue we'll see how to remove a Dangerous Virus from a Windows operated computer

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