Initiatives of Mahjube Herawi High School for Sustainable Education, Afghanistan

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The semi-term exams of the current educational year started last week, and this week it finished. The office staff started distributing of the result sheet to the teachers to be completed according to the students’ results. During the week, the exams’ duration are supervised by a supervision body. They supervised the official and teaching affairs of the Mahjube Herawi High School.

in internet class students created twitter account and they are very grateful from Afghan Citadel, Film Annex and Women's Annex that made the  facilities ready to the students. Now, they can interact with each other. They are interested to the growing technology and their interest is growing day by day. 


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Mahjube Herawi School is located in the third district of Herat Province on Mokhaberat Street. It was named after a famous woman poet Mahjube Herawi (Mahjube Herawi’s real name was Bibi Safora and she was one of the famous Farsi pouter of Badqhis –Afghanistan. Mahjube has about 5,000 poems about…

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