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Pause for gasps, applause, or the unwarranted "Oh...that's...neat" response.

Raise your hand if you love what you do for a living,

Now raise your hand if you love what you do for a living, but the people who matter to you can't comprehend why or what it is you do.

I have become too familiar with the last reaction that I decided to turn to filmmaking to make sense of what I do for the confused masses.

No, I don't just hold a camera and shoot whatever I see.

No, I don't piece things together at the last moment and call it a film.

No, I don't become a tyrannical cyclops to get the 'perfect shot'.

Yes, I do have an ego, but no, I don't stamp it to my forehead.

And no, this is not what I do.

 I am a filmmaker. What did you think I did?


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An independent music video director and freelance writer. I like to classify myself as an accidental blogger. Sometime near the end of my college days, Boredom and I had become very close companions, and I started having fun again. As for how I joined the film industry, it was just…

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