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In this Intelligent Car Tower Project I made three floors for automatic parking using lift system. Lift system is controlled by three stepper motors. First stepper motor is used to take the lift up and down on desired floor. Second Motor is use to rotate the base of lift in 360 degree and it is placed beneath the lift. Third motor is used to pick and place take the car from the floor and it is placed on the lift. These three stepper motors are controlled by one AT89s51 micro controller. We used LCD, which display Welcome note and Enter PIN statement to the users. For entering PIN we interface Keypad with micro controller so entered PIN can be verified after entry. For testing everything we entered four number of parking slots including four PIN. This all has been done by coding micro controller with C-code and verified the entered PIN with its data base. If the entered PIN is already filled with car system will take it back to the user and if the PIN is empty then system will pick and place the car to desired floor and this makes a complete isolated system.

Purpose to Chosen Project

The main purpose of the project is to construct an intelligent car parking to resolve the current parking issues. In the current situation of the country and world, the fully intelligent car parking is needed

In places where more than 100 cars are parked, this system is useful in reducing waste of space. This Automatic Car Parking System enables the parking of vehicle, floor after floor and this will reduce the space.


Basic Theme of the Project             

A Lcd display is provided at the ground floor that is a  counter which shows number of cars in every floor. counter informs whether the floors are fully filled with the cars or is it having place in floor or not. using motors we can lift the car to up and down floor. up down position  is controlled by stepper motor. An indicators with a green and red LED are installed in all the floors to indicate whether the lift is engage or is it free to take the car up or down. If the red LED blinks it means the lift is already busy and the person has to wait for the green LED to blink. In this project .I have provided three floors of a building for car parking. 4 cars to be parked in a foor. parking capcity can be change according to requirement

Figure 1(a): Block Diagram of System


Figure 2(b): Block Diagram of System (Taking Car Back To The ground Floor)


When a person need to park car he had to enter his provided PIN then system will match its state if he already parked his car then system will take it back to him, if his slot is empty then system will park the car. When the system completes the required action it will automatically turn off the RED LED and turn on the GREEN LED by going to the default position.           

If there no parking taking place, the processor will carry out the job according to the following priority:-     

1. It displays the welcome screen on the LCD.It checks whether Security switch is pressed placed in ground floor.Program is written using 89s51 microcontroller.

This idea is developed by using 8051 Micro controller and I prepare physical model by using PCB and mechanical parts.

So in my project I decide to use AT89s51, which is a member of 8051 family. Complete datasheet is attached in datasheet section.

I used Pic micro controller for  programming purpose .on Its first Four port I connected to Motors battery and transiter section ,on its 2nd port i connected bipolar stepper motor key pad Lcd and leds.on its it 3rd port i connected Resitor array,and used 4th port for power purpose.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD):


In this project I used Lcd for displaying some messages which are useful for car owners. 2X16 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is used. I used this to display messages like;
LCD 16x2 datasheet is given in datasheet section





                                         Complex large scale implementation
                                          Difficult to control the speed of stepper motor
                                          Practical development is expensive
                                          Large power consumption

Project under construction

(1) Stepper Motor


                               Stepper motor are used for measurement and control  ink jet printers and CNC machine.

In motor section we use three stepper motors for  mechanical part of the model.

I used first stepper motor in the base of lift for taking the lift to a desired floor up and down. 

Used second stepper motor to rotate the base of the lift from 0 degree to 360 degree.

Used  Bi-directional Stepper Motor  to take the car from the floor and keep it on the lift.

 Bipolar stepper Motor





Mechanical Model

PCB with Solded Components

Complete Model in working condition




  In the conclusion, I only want to say that, this is an good project for me. Because this project really make me work hard and during this I encounter many implementation problems which I never expect at the time of theoretical working. This thing really make me true engineer. Particularly, in this project I implemented my theoretical knowledge of Digital Systems, Digital Logic Design, Electronic Devices, Electric Circuits, Micro controller Based Systems, Communication Systems, C Language and many other.In the end of this project, I achieved automatic parking. LCD interfacing is in working condition with AT89s52 Micro controller and also with Stepper motor.  overall its working is good.  





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