International SEO Is A Different Beast Than National SEO

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Aleydia Solis is an SEO and Digital Marketing blogger on her own website and on MOZ. Sometime ago she released a checklist on International SEO, but admittedly I just discovered this checklist this afternoon. 

Considering the widespread of our community and our reach within so many different countries Film Annex 

Since this image is clearly way too small to see here - you can click here to download the entire International SEO Checklist and read the original article posted on MOZ.

Every bit of this information makes perfect sense, but just to stress, everyone should know that within the depths of Google there are multiple search engines. These go by different countries, different towns, and can go all the way down to Google Local. 

This means that any international SEO campaign should stress that you should optimize for the search engine of your choice within Google. Writing an article about Egypt's government? Well it's best to see what keywords are currently ranking within Egypt before you go ahead and write that article.

Also ask some questions about the website you're writing content for. Where are your readers coming from? What do you have in common with them? Do their actions differ online rather than other countries?

Check out your Google Analytics! You can figure out some key learnings from these and move on them to incorporate International SEO. 


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