Internet Titans Pay Dearly To Pop Their Ads

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What’s the first thought that runs through your mind when you read the word “popup”? If you’re the outdoorsy type, you might think of a camper. If you’re a junk food connoisseur, then maybe you think toaster pastry. Most people’s thoughts will travel right to their computer and visions (or maybe nightmares) of “buy this”, “go here“or “you’re the millionth visitor” show up instead. It’s bad enough to have to sit through more and more commercials during your favorite flick. Now they fly out at you on the net too? Just when the experience becomes unbearable, you get introduced to a browser extension… a mystical ad blocking wonder. A tool to help restore your serenity while surfing the net after a hard days stress. You can hit up your circle of trust on social media without feeling watched or being goaded by hints of items you may have glanced upon during your lunchtime tirade of crushing candies! You can’t even read your local news without having to cancel out ads for male enhancement products or some sort of wipes. It’s funny how the simple things can make you feel like a second grader on a snow day. Life now moves with more fluidity thanks to things like ad-block plus. For those that have never heard of it, ad-block plus or ABP can block pop ups, pop undersvideo ads and a few other things while navigating, socializing on Facebook and even while locking your gaze on YouTube. (No, this is not an infomercial for adblock). ABP was created by Wladimir Palant as a hobby in 2006 and has been funded by Eyeo as “open source” since 2011. ABP has had over 300 million downloads, 50 million active monthly users and is considered the most popular browser extension for blocking ads that exists. It’s easy to use, YOU tell it what to block and it’s absolutely free.

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