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I think that the new technologies have helped  people to do life much more comfortable ,it is cool. we can sit at home via the Internet to do business bay or sell something, do online shopping in stores, communicate with people via Skype which  have not seen for meny years, find fellow students or classmates through social networking ...But always the coin has two sides and unfortunately at this time, too, the reverse side is not as beautiful as that.Our lives have become control technologists and we cannot without them for one minute, and the issue is not only that all these < < computers > > are harmful to our body, and that of our life disappears, the early, did our life beautiful. Еach of us has the so-called < < profiles > > in many social networks, we have a lot of friends, but many of them do not even know not going to write about the deceivers,  we know .... a try on the street smile people, but they will not  mutually smile, because they do not see you,  all they are looking on the screens of they phones or .... they all in social networks where they send a <<smile>> <<smile>><<smile>>:)))) <<SMILE>> that  can never reflect the true mood of the people...and only a little kid in the stroller will  smile mutually. .
My impression is that very soon, we'll go to the store for bread there will not take our money, because on the wall already weighs this ad. ..
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but one smile is priceless ...

   Тhat's the difference 


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