Interviews and questionnaires

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Interviews: There are many types of interviews which are following. Individual Interview: In this interview one candidate is interviewed at a time. Group Interview: In this interview more than one candidate are interviewed at a time. Questions are asked from all the candidates. Panel Interviews: In this interview many persons take interview from the candidates.


Questionnaires: There are many types of questionnaires which are following. Open Questionnaires: In this questions are not prepared before the interview. On spot interviews are developed and asked to candidates. Structured Interviews: In this the prepared questions are asked from the candidates.


Unstructured Questionnaires: In this not decided questions are asked to candidates. Multiple choice Questions: In this MCQs are asked from candidate in whom one question has 3 or 4 choices. Descriptive Questionnaires: In this question is asked and detail answer is expected from the candidate.


Yes and No Questionnaires: In this the question has two choices yes and no. the candidates have to give right answer. Rating Scale Questionnaires: In this the question has answer which shows intensity. E.g. did you like TV 1 Rarely 2 Usually 3 Never. Fill in the blanks. Sometime questionnaires is like blanks and candidate have to give right word for question. 

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