¿Why outsourcing is in da house?

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First of all, it should be placed in the context of the research on what is “outsourcing”. So outsourcing is that activity that a company can do where it delegates some of its functions to another corporation, company or contracted entity, with the sole purpose that it can develop an activity efficiently and effectively, with the resources of the first company but, oriented to develop a specific business scheme, thus allowing a more closed and success-oriented development approach.

It is also worth highlighting a kind of different services that are provided through outsourcing, such as: relocation, which is developed by hiring third parties in countries where labor is cheaper with respect to labor legislation; in-house, is the one that takes place in the offices of the organization that hires the service; off-site, is when the service is developed in the company hired to provide it; Co-sourcing, is when the company that provides the service adds some type of value to its client such as sharing the risks.


Among the jobs most demanded by him in the world of outsourcing are:

The financial sector: characterized in the analysis of the economic possibilities of companies, in search of advice, in areas such as salaries, budgets, credits, among others. This in order to generate information that allows the company to be managed more effectively, and to be able to direct its resources to obtain greater benefits with lower risks.

Accounting: having the company's accounting always up to date with experts who can respond quickly to the requested requirements, this allows the company's accounting structure to be simplified, which in turn promotes good planning that minimizes the risks and threats of the company for the flow of accounting information accurately and in a timely manner.

Capital and investments: it focuses on the administration of companies dedicated to the management of investment funds and hedge funds.

Human resources: One of the areas with more field and with more demand for outsourcing, as it is characterized by focusing on recruitment and training of personnel, personnel management, as well as customer service in regards to receiving complaints, suggestions.

Computer service: characterized by giving support and maintenance to the different equipment used by the company, in order to maintain its functionality and protection, either with the software update, or the creation of security barriers that allow a better solidity and confidence regarding your programs or projects. This results in the saving of time and money since it is not necessary to create a computer department that is typical of the company but instead makes use of experts through outsourcing.


So, these are some of the reasons why outsourcing is in da house...

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