Introducing bitLanders' Leaderboard

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Oh this had made my day!

I checked on some updates with bitlanders, I bumped into Mr. Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno and I learned I haven't followed him back yet! So I did and it saddened me that he isn't following anyone here but nevertheless, I still followed him for update purposes. I checked his contents, nothing yet so far except the blogs so I went on and got this good news!

Bitlanders is introducing the Leaderboard and luckily, I spotted myself in the top list. I am glad to see my friends as well:

I see my fellow filipino bitlanders, Ako-eto , Migi and saori-sam and a lot more! Congratz to all of us!

Aside from that I had also earned one buzz point from Mr. Salerno's first blog post!


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