Introducing Myself! - My First Blog Post

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Hello Everyone! My name is Ralph Hovsepian. That's my first day using Bitlanders and this is my first blog post!

Who Am I?


I am a 17 years old cool guy living in Armenia. I am actually both Lebanese and Armenian. I was raised in Beirut and then moved to Yerevan in mid 2015.

What Skills Do I Have?

I am a Web-Developer and know many languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and mysql.

I also have some experience in Video Editing and Animating, and some photoshop and adobe Illustrator skills.

Finally, I am a drawer that likes to draw historical things, and anime!


Yeah I do have a lot of skills :P


Thanks for reading my first post :)

About the author


I am a young Web developer, Drawer, and a Blogger! I am a the founder snd CEO of Nerdy Lab

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