Introduction Of Lens

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A lens  is a piece of refracting meduim bounded one and two spherical surface

Types Of Lens

There are two Types of Lens

1- Convex or Converting Lens

2- Concave Or Diverging Lens

1- Convex Lens

lens in which at the center and at the edges are called the Convex Lens  in which the parallel rays of the light

2- Concave Lens:-

In which is thinner at the center and edges is called the Concave lens

Kinds Of Convex Lens

1-      Double Convex  Lens

2-      Plano Convex Lens

3-      Concave Convex Lens

Double  Convex Lens:-

Double convex Lens are the both sarfece is the Convex is called the convex

Plano Covex Lens:-

Surface of one plane is and the other tpyes of convex is called the Plano Convex lens

Convex concave lens:-

One surface is type of concave and the othe type of surface is that the convex lens is called the convex and concave lens

Kinds of concave Lens

1-      Double Concave Lens

2-      Plano Lens

3-      Convex Lens

Some Terms About the Lens

1-      Principal Axis

Line that the passes through the center of the two spherical in the lens of is called the principal of axis of the lens

2-      Aperture:-

Diameter of MM of the lens is called the Aperture Of the Lens

3-      Center of Curvature:-

The center of the sphere of the which is one spherical surface  of the lens part that is called the Center of Curvature

4-      Radius of Curvature:-

The Radius of the Curvature  of the sphere of in which of the lens is a part is called the radius of the curvature of the lens

5-      Optical Center:-

The centeral point of the lens a ray of the light passing  of the point do not device is called the optical center of the lens

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