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               Hello! I am Aaqib Khurshid from Islamabad, Pakistan. Today I will Introduce you with Bitlanders. Bitlanders is formerly known as Film Annex. Bitlanders is also a site of social media. Bitlanders is the largest social site with earning criteria. The social media that pays you in bitmiles. Film Annex was started in 2006, for film makers to promote their work and gain rewards by sharing it. Firstly the earning of bitlanders was in bitcoins, but some days before it can converted to bitmile technology. These bitmiles can be exchanged into dollars through shop section by clicking on withdraw button. 

               Bitlanders work on Buzz score calculation. The more buzz score you have, the more bitmiles you can earn. This buzz score depends on your involvement in Bitlanders, the ability through which you can engage the other users on on your posts (eg: images, blogs, micro blogs and videos). This also involves how much "buzz" (it's like a twitter/tsu/facebook 'like') and comments on your posts as well. You can use Bitlanders as you use Facebook, twitter, tumblr or tsu.  This site is much more easy to use and earn.               


Sign Up

                     Bitlanders does not allow you to create your own Bitlanders account or profile. You can connect your facebook or gmail accounts and sign up for Bitlanders. When you have connected your one of the facebook or gmail accont, you are asked to create your avatar. Instead of uploading a profile picture, you have to create an avatar that may reflect your physical personality. 

                      As soon you create your avatar, you are introduced with micky salerno. He helps you to create avatar and helps you almost complete your profile. He also shows you the Leaderboard. He little bit introduces you to Bitlanders. The guideline given by micky is that Bitlanders is a competition game, the more your posts  (eg: images, blogs, micro blogs and videos) are viewed, buzzed and commented the more buzz score you gain. The more you gain subscribers the more you rise in Leaderboard. 

Quest Box

                    Quest box contains some interesting tasks. These task are very helpful for you to gain information about Bitlanders. Quest box help you to give you a guide line how to use Bitlanders. There are almost six tasks in quest box. 

  1. Write your first Blog Post
  2. Upload your first Movie
  3. Create your first gallery
  4. Write your first Micro Blog
  5. These are your revenues!
  6. Choose and Support your 3 favorite charities


  • Write your first Blog Post

                 As we click on the first tasks to complete it, Hillary tells us how to write a blog. She informs that a long form of blogs including images and videos (from Bitlanders, Vimeo or Youtube). She further informs that you can write on current issues or what we like the most! You can only write our own original contents, no copy pasted, if done so, you can earn nothing and also a risk of being banned or account will be disabled. After publishing you first Blog Post you are awarded with 10 gems. By submitting the Blog Posts on review, we can get stars from 1-star to 5-stars. The earning is lowest in 1-star and highest in 5-stars, and vise versa. We can submit a Blog Post for review by using 10 gems.

  • Upload your first Movie:

                     As we click on the second tasks, Upload your first Movie. Hillary informs us that the movie must be your original. After uploading your first movie you gain 4 gems. You can also upload movies on Bitlanders. By submitting them on review, using 10 gems, we can earn more money as in Blog Posts. Only your own original videos can be sent for review. If you upload a movie, which you have downloaded from facebook or somewhere else from internet, copy right issue will occur on submitting it for review.  

  • Upload your first gallery:

                     Third task is to Upload your first gallery. In gallery you can upload a single image or a bundle of images (gallery). This also contains copy right issue. After you Upload your first gallery you gain 4 gems. The gallery must be your original one. Gallery can also be submitted for review by using 10 gems.

  • Write your first Micro Blog:

                     Fourth task is to Write your first Micro Blog. First micro blog must be hello to all. So, Hillary ask you to write your first micro blog as "Hello all!". Micro Blog is basically a general message or an advise from you to all other users. As soon as you publish your first Micro Blog, you are awarded with 4 gems. 

  • These are your revenues!

                    Fifth task is "These are your revenues!". In the fifth task micky informs you about your earning. From where you can check it and withdraw it. You can also spend your revenues on shop in several ways. You can buy gems bundles, buy avatar dresses, request withdraw or you can give charities. Micky shows you the page where your all time revenues and Balance is shown. You can take it as a payment proof by Bitlanders.

  • Choose and Support your 3 favorite charities:

                        The sixth and the last one is Choose and Support your 3 favorite charities. In this task you have to choose the organizations, to which you are interested in giving the charities. There are about 35 foundation, attached to Bitlanders charity box. You can choose three organization to which you want to give your charities. I choosed these three foundations "Global Medical Relief Fund","Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund" and "Girls Going Global".

Daily Quests

                       When your profile is complete, you have also completed your Quest box, the third thing is Daily Quests. This box includes four tasks, which you have to complete daily and regularly. These tasks are:

  1. Read five blog posts!
  2. Watch five Videos!
  3. Check out our offers
  4. Bring a friend on bitlanders!


  • Read five blog posts!

                    To complete this task you have to find five interesting Blog Posts and read them. When you click on it, micky appears and he informs that you will be awarded everyday for reading 5 blog posts each day. Click on "I'm Ready!". Someone's profile will appear and you have to find five interesting blog posts and you have to read them. When you are done, your task will completed. Now you are given 3 powerup buzz.

  • Watch five Videos!

                             To complete this task you have to find five interesting videos and watch them. When you click on it, micky appears and he informs that you will be awarded everyday for watching 5 videos daily. Click on "I'm Ready!". Someone's profile will appear and you have to find five interesting videos and watch them. Doing so, your task will completed, and you are given 3 powerup buzz.

  • Check out our offers:

                            Bitlanders had brought some offers for you from bitmiles(another site of Bitlanders). By completing these offers you can get thousands of bitmiles. After you click on it, and complete some offers, you are given 10 powerup buzz.

  • Bring a friend on bitlanders!

                            The fourth and the last daily quest. You have a referral link, by coping it from Bitlanders and pasting it on you Facebook id, you can bring a friend as your referral. You can get 3 powerbuzz and a 20% of the daily earning of your referrals.

Here is my referral link if you want to join you can click here:


                         Bitlanders allows us to communicate with one another, as communication is compulsory in our life. We can live a good life with good communication. We can communicate with users in private chat.

 We can also communicate in global chat. In global chat all users of bitlanders can chat and communicate with eachother easily. We can say that Bitlanders is also a way of communication.

You can also use bitlanders on mobiles by using bitlanders app. It has an extra ordinary look in bitlanders app. It is easy and attractive. I use bitlanders on both web and app. I enjoyed using bitlanders in app.


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