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I noticed some old members of this site "migrated" to whzon. For curiosity sake, I joined that site too. Uploading pictures from my iPhone is painfully slow. How will I earn if that's the case? Buying a desktop computer or laptop just for whzon purposes is definitely not on my agenda. LOL!

Whzon pays in CANADIAN DOLLARS via Paypal. Minimum payment is 10. I read that some members earn 10 CAD in 3 days. We could earn more than 10 USD (higher) here on bitLanders. See latest daily earnings of top users on the leaderboard

MY MAIN CRITERIA for joining a website like bitLanders is not only for me to earn but to choose and use a mobile-friendly site. Meaning, a site where I can use a simple cellphone or iPhone with ease and convenience. Instead of using a cumbersome laptop or desktop, I can enjoy my webbing and blogging from my iPhone anywhere and wherever I am. Believe me, I am typing this blog on my iPhone at this very moment while pooping. Hahaha! No, I am just kidding!

Another site I visit everyday is PersonaPaper. Earnings is comparably low and I am not sure if I can cashout. The good thing however, is that I can enjoy reading and interacting with my former "bubbler" friends. Sadly, PersonaPaper  STOPPED accepting new members from India and Philippines (my beloved country).

Other sites are not iOS friendly. Such is the case of whzon. I am not impressed with how the site was designed. No offense to whzon fans. It is just my personal point of view. I hope bitLanders won't make the 'chat feature' on their homepage, otherwise I will quit. Joke joke joke! I love bitLanders because they display 5-Star blogs on the homepage. And that makes more sense to me!

I am very happy and satisfied to stay and remain a staunch fan of bitLandersWith my iPhone and bitLanders? It's a WIN-WIN for me!


My August 2015 Received Rewards:

• 08/08/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05010000) via blockchain.info.

• 08/19/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05526167) via blockchain.info.

• 08/21/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05010000) via blockchain.info.

• 08/24/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05010000) via blockchain.info.

• 08/27/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05010000) via blockchain.info.

• 08/31/2015 RECEIVED Instant Bitcoin bitLanders Payment 0.050 Bitcoin (0.05010000) via blockchain.info.

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I am not sure how many of you have seen my blogs on Bubblews before. I was then a huge fan of Bubblews from about two years ago. At that time, I was using an old reliable Nokia C3 cellphone. I was just curious if I could post my blogs using my cheap mobile phone without expecting any monetary rewards then. But to my surprise and joy, my unintentional effort paid off when I redeemed my first payment. That so, I continued posting short articles and got paid in the process for at least half of the year. So, I invited my relatives and friends to join Bubblews until one day I failed to receive any payments. I still continued on and remarkably I got paid again despite my non following up. 

As previously mentioned, I DO NOT join sites or write blogs just because of the money. After few months, I found out to my utter dismay, that Bubblews arbitrarily cancelled me out. Gee whiz! And their reason? I included links of my profile and article links from another writing site. I meant no wrong in doing so. So, what does that mean? Perhaps they are overly JEALOUS or maybe INSECURE of the possibility Bubblews members might "jump ship" to their competitors? It would be more justified if they just deleted articles they didn't like and left my quality articles instead. I don't think their autocratic style of online business would ever bring good fortune to their members, that being the case. 

Prior Bubblews, the very first blogging site I joined was FanBox. I also found out that the said site didn't impress me at all. I immediately deleted my account with them after a year because they kept sending me monthly billings via e-mail. Grrrrrrrr! Bubblews was the second one. Yes, they were good at first but they turned into an awkward site. Let's all hope bitLanders, whom I am now at, would MAKE AND SPELL A BIG DIFFERENCE from those previous sites, and I hope it does continue and keep-up with the good work and rewards it is currently giving its members.

I am truly glad that with bitLanders, members can post even referrals or affiliate links. I do remember the FanBox's slogan saying "UPLIFTING HUMANITY BY ENABLING OPPORTUNITY" and the Bubblews' slogan "SPEAK FREELY, WRITE YOUR WORLD". But you know what? It is with bitLanders that I find the true meaning of those slogans.

True, let us not be coyed by flowery slogans or sweet talk if they infact are untrue to their words! Experience taught me to be more careful and selective in choosing sites. Now I firmly believe in the long time saying, "Promises are made to be broken". LOL!

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