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            I have been lucky enough to fall in love twice but unlucky enough for either of the relationships to last. I am still reeling from my last relationship but Now it's more a case of just not knowing if there's someone out there for me, I would just like to ask, how many times can you fall in love before finding the right person? Some may see this as a silly question and there's probably no definite answer but I feel so lucky to have had at least experienced love in my life that maybe my luck has run out and I'm just meant to be alone for the rest of my life (as self pitying as that may sound). Or maybe those men were just not right for me and I'm yet to meet the man who is.. I guess what I'm asking is.. Are there people out there who thought they found love, only to find it didn't work out and went on to find something even better? I feel so lost at the moment, I know I really gave my all to both those relationships, and now I feel disheartened that I will ever find someone who will love me for me, it would be nice to have a small amount of reassurance.

Has anyone been in my place and are now happily in love?

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