Is Tea Healthy or Unhealthy?

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 Tea is the necessity of life.

I agree many people have a conflict with that statement but a wide number of people also agree. Tea is like an addiction. When you are having tea too much then, your day didn’t pass without tea. Your body feels down without tea. Tea own great importance in our lives. tea

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It’s the most widely used drink. Especially it is used in Asian countries. Asian countries use tea whole day. After water, tea is the most widely used drink. It is loved in all seasons. I will put light on its benefits first. 

Benefits of Tea

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In summers, tea is used for relaxing after a stressful day. While in winters tea is used for warming up. No time is there for having tea. Tea lovers can have it anytime. Different types of teas are used according to taste.

Tea is a part of our life. A day can never be imagined without tea. It has a great effect on our lives. Let’s see some of the benefits of tea.

1. Tea may use for weight reduction


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Tea is present in many types. Different types of tea are used for different purposes. Herbal tea or Green tea is used for weight reduction. Herbal tea increases metabolism of the body. It makes you active. By this, many people use it for getting fit. Daily intake of herbal tea is a good habit. Drinking it regularly is good for a healthy body.


2. Tea may use for fighting against heart attack and stroke


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Herbal tea has many benefits. One major advantage is providing activeness to the body. People drinking herbal tea are prevented from cholesterol problems. Their weight is maintained so, cholesterol level never increases. In this way, tea is helping us protecting from heart attacks and Strokes. All heart issues are related to cholesterol. When a person has balanced cholesterol, he will be saved from heart problems.


3. Tea may use for soothing digestive system


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Another advantage of tea is soothing the digestive system. Sometimes, digestive system gets disturbed. Stomach heats up and the person feels obese. It means whatever you eat is not digested fully.

The solution to this problem is an herbal tea. Drinking herbal tea cools down the stomach and hence improves the digestive system. The better digestive system leads to ideal body.


4. Tea refreshes your mood


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Tea is a mood fresher. Whenever you are stressed or overworked, tea helps you in relaxing. Your body feels light after having a cup of tea. A cup of tea is much effective in soothing you. For few hours, all workloads are taken up on one side. The angry mood transforms into easy behavior. Your mind cools down and makes you think positive. A pleasant change in observed in your behavior after a cup of tea. So, have a sip of tea when you are feeling down.


Negative Effects of Tea

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All these and much more are the plus points of tea. Besides these, many side effects of tea are also researched. Let’s take a look at its side effects:


1. Tea takes sleep away

Tea has many advantages as discussed above. It also has some dark aspects. One of them is taking sleep away. “Excess of everything is bad” is a well-known proverb. Similarly, when the tea is taken 4to 5 times a day, it starts harming your body.


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Having tea all the time in day and night can have severe effects. Your body will never come into rest mode. This will never let you sleep. The person will remain in the state of restlessness. So, try to have tea in an adequate amount and be healthy. Avoid excess amount of tea.


2. Tea cause anxiety


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Having tea whole day for keeping tensions away is not a good idea. It is good in a small amount but having it all the time disturbs the overall system of the body. It causes you anxiety. You start feeling stressful and peace gets away. The inner body system did not work properly because of an excess amount of caffeine. The mind will never come to the calm state.

Your mind needs some rest, which is possible only when you avoid strong beverages that stimulate your body. So, have tea daily but only one cup. Do not use too much of it.


3. Tea makes you addict to it

As people are addicted to different drugs. And then it causes the problem in getting out of it. Similarly, tea is also an addiction. Regular intake of tea causes you habitual of it. A day without tea is a dull day for tea lovers. He/she will never work properly without tea.


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Your day can never be active without tea. All these are the problems you face after making tea an essential part of your life. Drink tea but don’t get too much persuade of tea. Try to change your drink or beverage with time so, that you can enjoy new varieties. In this manner, you will never be addicted to tea.


4. Tea cause blood pressure


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Tea has many chemicals inside it. Some of these chemicals are a good while, others are harmful to the body. These harmful chemicals are not good for blood pressure patients. These chemicals increase the blood pressure and simulate body cells. Avoiding such chemicals is good for everyone. Keeping you safe and sound comes at the top. Drop unhealthy habits from our lives is a significant step towards a healthy lifestyle.


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Summing up all the factors discussed above, I come to the conclusion that tea is good for health. But making its vital part of our lives is not good. Drink a cup of tea on and off but not all the day. Live well, eat well and adopt healthy habits.


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