Islam and Woman

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Woman in Islam has equal importance and equal rights as the man has. Neither Islam orders that the woman to be worshiped as a goddess or ignores her as human being. It is very difficult to compare the status of woman in Islam with the status of woman in any other religion, legal system or civilization. The little difference that Islam recognizes between man and woman is from physical point of view, which has to be naturally like that, and criticism on this has no logic or sense. It does not mean that Islam is not paying attention towards woman and gives it less importance as human being.

It is not an order of Islam to kill daughters while they are still unaware of their life or death. Why they were killed when they did not do anything wrong and did not know anything whether beneficial of harmful to them. But in spite of this, Islam recognizes them respectively honorable human beings like men living in the society. Islam gives every right of social, economical, political and religious to her and she is equal of men in all fields of life, but few exceptions. Islam says, she should not be a playing thing of men’s hand as doll in the hands of children. She has the same importance as a man has in an Islamic society. But from other side, it is very clear that neither a man can be a woman, nor a woman can be a man. A woman is only a woman as human being and she must be as that Allah has created and organized her. What Islam says is totally in accordance with the law of nature that every sex has its special quality which Allah has created her or him with. Nobody can change it as he or she wishes. The quality of manhood has been bestowed on him by his creator from which woman is not capable and deprived of. And the quality of woman has been bestowed on her when she was created from which the man is not capable of having. She has her own heritage of quality of her mother “Hawa” (Eve) and is capable of that.

Woman has been given social rights as well. Woman’s social right is even higher in Islam than the man’s and is much better than in any other religion of the world. She possesses full social and economical rights and has her complete freedom of choosing her husband by her own will and wishes. No one stops her from doing so, except from choosing her husband from non Muslims.


Divorced woman or those who have been legally separated from their husbands over some disputes between them, that could not be solved except to separate from each other, have full right to remarry after completing the time period of “Aiddat”. Over this issue, no one has the right to stop her from doing so. Her position in the society is the same as of the man. They have education right, but the basic aim for the woman to be educated is that she should learn how to be a good spouse, good mother, good sister and good daughter.  Although by the coming of Islam into existence, it demolished the system of slavery in the world especially in the Muslim countries and there has not been left any sign of that in the Muslim countries today, yet if not even there is a slave girl, as in some non developed countries of the world, Islam enjoins that she should also be educated as like the free girls. There fore, you can not see any class distinction in Islam. All have been given legal right as well as moral rights in Islam. We can observe that Islam does not stand in worman’s way of getting knowledge and recognizes her education right along with man’s education right.


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