Isometrics for Superpower

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Isometrics for Super Strength and Power

Jeff Buddies talks about how to utilize strength benefits in using isometrics in your workout. isometrics is one of the most under rated exercise that will give you the super strength that you need to have that functional strength that you need in your physical activities.


Charles W Brown of St. Paul, Minn writes: I have been using the Isometric power exercises for 3 weeks. Have increased my lifting from 620 to 655. I find it hard to believe. Body weight 160. JS note: "Lifting" probably reflects Olympic style lifting: snatch, jerk, and press. This represents about a 6% gain in 3 weeks -SHOCKING results for a guy who probably thought he had already reached his peak!



Norb Roy of Baton Rouge, La brought his neck from 17 1/2 to 20 inches and gained 3 inches on his chest by concentrating on three isometric positions in a power rack: Press-close to lock out, squat at just above quarter squat position, and deadlift at almost erect position.

I would guess he did some specific isometric neck work as well.



Method used in both these cases :

Pull or push on a stationary bar ( a power rack can be used, but anything such as a monkey bar or a rope tied to a pipe device can be used ) until you are exerting to your max. Time is not as important as exertion. If it takes 12 seconds to reach your max then take 12 seconds. For most 6-7 seconds works well, and a few find 5 seconds is best. Start at about 2/3 max exertion than each second push or pull harder till you are at max contraction. Usually,3-5 exercises were done in 3 positions each.

i have included a free link where you can download the best isometric book on the planet and utilize it for your own self development. i would suggest that you download the manual and start working out to make the most of the program. this is free and yours forever.




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