Its Better To Remain Silent Now (Part 1)

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There are huge numbers of peoples in islamabad who are tired now because they have collected too much wealth in the past and all this you can imagine is by examining their life style. The nature have blessed them so much their hospitality is impressive. After dawn the gates to their homes remain open. If someone doesn't come by then approximately at 07:30 pm they start searching their friends to hang out somewhere. Mostly their friends and companions are Retired Civil and Military men who now are living lonely in their farm houses after retirement. They have many stories of past but few who are willing to hear. Peoples like me and those who share same thoughts are not interested in their stories. The main thing that attracts is they were once very closed to the establishment and have keen observation of "what will happen next ?" . 5 years before i was so eager to be part of these gatherings. It took me a lot of time to find out that those had authority back has only stories but none important. They only tell their guesses which we can make upon examining the situation, our guesses might differ but not that much.

One evening of September 1999 in Rawalpindi, once active political agent Syed Kabir Ali Wasti was sitting with General Aslam Baig. Mr. Wasti contacted me and said General wants to see you. I had no personal connection with the General except general introduction on some occasions. When i came there, General was so nice and then he asked tell me what are your thoughts about political end. I answered quite politely that low level reporters don't have access to such matters. We published what peoples like you tell us and that's how we survive. One thing that i have noticed there was that Military wants to demolish the government of Nawaz Sharif and might Marshal Law will be forced. After hearing me, the general replied that we took oath that no more Marshal Law.  So, in between they asked me let's have bet whether Marshal Law will be applied or not and i was afraid to bet because every time i lost. I replied back with smile and on 12 October 1999 happend which was not forseen.



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