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Hello to everyone.

"Windows to Islam" is a blog Created to provide you with the information about Islam and muslim traditions. 

I see a lot of diversity in my life, on the subway, people coming from all-over the globe and one particular culture that sparks  my interest  Islam.


Considering the fact that if not all then most of my Islamic friends and acquaintances are fasting for Ramadan, it is no wonder that food popped into my mind.


Upon looking further into the subject, I found the basic forms of etiquette in the Islamic culture include greeting people with a phrase we have all heard of, “as-salamu‘alaykum” (peace be unto you) and saying bismillah (in the name of God) before meals. 

These greetings show respect and good etiquette. The Islamic people also have certain guidelines and restrictions when it comes to eating.

Islamic etiquettes when eating emphasize cleanliness, eating in moderation, sharing of food, and only eating with the right hand’s thumb, index finger and middle finger, since the right hand serves as the primary utensil in the Islamic culture. 

Muslims must also refrain from certain types of food including any pork, blood, and yes alcohol. All meat must also come from strictly herbivorous animals slaughtered in the name of God by a Muslim, Jew or Christian with the exception of one’s own game.

Now in comparison with the American way of eating, this structure may seem very rigorous and demanding; however, most Muslims find adapting to this lifestyle fairly easy because they were raised with it.


The slaughtering of these animals in a “holy” or way, known as halal appears to be more humane where the animal are not supposed to suffer.

I don’t believe that all should adapt this lifestyle nor do I believe it is perfect or ideal for everyone but I do find the different etiquettes of religions and cultures incredibly interesting for anyone to look in to; it is also good to know so that you don’t disrespect people rom different cultures unknowingly.

Honestly, I don’t think Americans would be able to eat strictly Halal food because Americans love bacon way too much to ever give it up and they also love alcohol, as I recall the failure of the Prohibition.


Regardless, the Islamic etiquettes are very interesting and definitely worth looking in to if you are looking to expand your knowledge of different religions and cultural practices.

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