Jimmy Pedro, US Judo Team Coach, on the 2013 NY Open Judo and Save Olympic Wrestling

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Jimmy Pedro, Coach of the US Judo Team, 2012 US Olympic Judo Coach and 2-time Olympic Medalist, about the 2013 NY Open Judo:

"The NY Open team competition has become one of my favorite judo events to attend. The team format is very exciting, and the NY Open always ensures that some of the top players in the world are in attendance and  always perform for the audience. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly which allows the athletes to show off their judo."

Jimmy Pedro also shared a few thoughts on the controversial decision of the IOC to eliminate Wrestling from the 2020 Olympics:

"Wrestling is one of the original Olympic sports and has played an instrumental role in shaping me as a human being having taught me discipline, perseverance, dedication, humility, and sportsmanship.

It is one of the few pure Olympic sports that is done for the love of the sport and it is an absolute sin that it has been cut out of the Olympics.

Bring back wrestling!” 


Watch below as Jimmy Pedro and other Judo champions support the sport of Wrestling: #SaveOlympicWrestling.


Jimmy Pedro and the US Team at the 2013 NY Open Judo:

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