Just because i miss you

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Just because i miss you

Though eyes are closed
But I can see you
Though your silent
But I can hear you
Though distances and seprations are there
But i always feel you near.
But why so? why this fear? why you are not actually near??
Everything is wan and pale without you..
Nothing is interesting nothing is new…
Don’t know why i am living without you??
yes,heart is beating but am not alive.
Though am breathing, but” as a man went into the sea without oxygen mask for a long dive”.

Today in this fearful, calm and quite whether,
speechlessly standing here, uttering a silent prayer.
Don’t stop me I have to go..
That witch called death is waiting there.
Now the dark inauspicious night is coming near and near.
sorry, but the grief of separation, I can’t bear.
see i am there in your heart forever
always with you taking your care.
Bye….. i am going only a few miles away from you..
saying the last words..




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