"SPELL BOUND" - originally written by me

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The day was at its best with the clouds clear and blue in the sky

You've met me

It was a day at midnight, the moon wears a smile

as it glows with its splendor

I've met you


We two are of different worlds, yet magic cast its

spell on us and we become one

Alas! darkness has its power with the wicked

roaming on earth

Waving a wand with its power,

touching every heart and wanders

And its struck on you and in a moment you changed...


My heart bleeds in contempt as the wicked laughed

in vain for I am nothing but powerless

The magic was gone and the wicked had fled...

Reality sets in that , we two now had seen.


You go to your world, I go to mine both waiting in time.

With my ardent plea, our secret must kept in

the depth of the earth buried behind me.

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