Karate National Championship! 2014 OSS!

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Well this is our last day of preparation for the national game play on Batang Pinoy 2014, there will be a lot of games and participant on the said event on September 11-14 this friendly game will have us the opportunity to participate in the karate field game.

So for now we will preparing for our self, mediating is one of way to relax and focus your mentality, it can enhance both mind and body to be alert on any circumstances, this way of training is not only but physical harm but both health and alertness.

Well Good luck to all of us hope we can make it to the final's, the finals will be held at Ilo-Ilo City here at the Philippines and hopefully we will be rank up and can participate on the international games :)

Good day  have a nice Sunday!

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By: Cramz

Happy Sunday!


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