Keeping the Relationship a Secret is a No-No

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The previous episode of the local Philippine TV show which I had watched talked about moving on, the main character of the said episode was a teenager girl who was head over heels super in love with her boyfriend.

She had been happy during the first few months that they had been in that relationship. But they have to keep that relationship between them as the boy lied that he was being sent to school by nuns and having a girlfriend will stop them from sending him to school. The girl was super in love with him that she had also agreed to keep that relationship.

Until one day she just noticed that the guy was sending messages to another girl and then she learned that the other girl was already pregnant. she was definitely broken-hearted and she had been crying and crying until she had realized she has to move on. With the help of her friends, she somehow had forgotten about him. But the moving on procedure was tough, she even went to the stage of revenge.

Lesson learned: if your relationship has to be kept in secret, then you shouldn't be in that relationship.

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