KILL COMMAND Movie Review: Robots Declared War On Humanity?

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KILL COMMAND Film Review: Robots Declared War On Humanity? - Photo credit: youtube, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

This is the first work of Steven Gomez as a director and screenwriter. In any case, having searched the Internet, I did not find any other information about him.

The film was shot in the forests of Finland; perhaps this is due to the small budget. So viewers who are used to watch the bright jungle, in fantasy films à la Predator, the kind of coniferous forest will hurt the eyes. There is no scenery in the form of a noisy metropolis or post-apocalyptic horizons. Despite this, the plot does not look boring.

Despite its straightforward sci-fi narrative, and being made on a miniscule budget, Kill Command is still able to pack in a ton of great effects and tell an overall entertaining story.

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Enough standard action movie in an interesting entourage. I love science fiction films. Enough interesting fantasy genre. But the closer the very near future is, the more difficult it is to believe!

This is not Michael Bay's Transformers, of course, and not even James Cameron's Terminator, but the proposed style of robots, the design of cyborg software hiding in the body of a girl-technician, and the toys and technique of the future soldiers do not hurt eyes. So to say, this film caused some interest.

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 The Plot

A squad of special forces of a certain army of the future is sent to conduct military exercises in a special place for these events - in a secret place in the forests of Finland. The description of the film says that they went to the island; yes, there are such islands in the land of lakes - Finland.

As technical support with a squad of special forces, a sexy operative employee is appointed too - a cyborg girl with blue eyes, the depth of which reflects not only the radiance of the beautiful lakes of Finland but also the neon glow of a cunning computer stuffing.

They are thrown on an aircraft to the base; they must find a conditional enemy, destroy it, and return to the collection point. In this film, the conditional enemy is robots that must jump out of the bushes, shoot with empty cartridges, and test the reaction of the group in every way. In turn, the group should destroy them all with completely live ammunition, and having completed this task, return to the base.

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Upon arrival, the group suddenly discovers that the robots are somehow too advanced and not like targets, and soon people themselves begin to escape from the robots!

The squad has to fight with artificial intelligence, which builds its game using figures of real combat machines armed to the teeth. All this artificial intelligence, the artificial superbrain is concentrated in the metal skull of the robot with the inscription S.A.R. on the chest.

The plot is very close to reality. It was filmed in real conditions. And with this and other things, it becomes frightening. Not like in horror movies, but it raises an animal fear.

The film about robots: KILL COMMAND - Photo credit: imdb

S.A.R. and Other Robots 

Further, during the film, we are going to watch the fight of people together with the artificial skills of a cyborg girl and a self-learning robot. We see S.A.R. studies the behavior of the people attacking him and builds more and more ingenious strategies to destroy the enemy.

From the point of view of robotics, robots are simply gorgeous, and their greatest charm is in logic. Practice on mannequins - somehow boring to shoot the heartless creations, which are not even able to escape. They went to shoot deer - and here without much variety: the enemy is not very smart. Well, what remains to do machines? That's right, start chase the people!

The main trump card of the ambushed group is the technician Mills. The girl herself designed these combat robots, partly can manage them, and track their location. AI robots do not yet shine with intelligence, but quickly learn.

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From childhood, Mills has incorporated some technologies, and she is something like a half-person half-robot. She can go online, program, etc. Mills (Vanessa Kirby) goes to watch the training and its participants.

Of course, the near future turned out to be a bit strange; I wanted to see more emphasis on equipment and robots, more progress. If authors pushed robots that destroyed everyone and everything in their path, then I think it was necessary to develop an idea.

Still, it was nice to see more spiritualized robots, who studied and tried to be as human beings, thereby becoming fierce and for whom the result was much more important than the preservation of life.

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After the first real clash, having suffered real losses, the special forces understand that in these exercises they are not hunters. Moreover, the robots could have killed them all in the first fights, but they did not, as they work out different tactics for conducting battles and destroying people. The persecuted soldiers without support and communication have to use all its skills in order not to die quickly.

As always, such moments are missed, that robots need to take energy, ammunition. And most importantly, no matter how strong and invulnerable these robots are, they are unlikely to be able to oppose anything against artillery and aviation. And their level of intelligence is not high.

KILL COMMAND, Battle Against S.A.R.  - Video credit: youtube 

Why Robots Declared War On Humanity?

Watching the film, one question did not leave me in peace. Who is the host of these robots? From where on the island among the coniferous vegetation did intellectually developed killer machines come from? Who controls them or what made them independent and separate from human leadership?

In the island, there are cyborgs, which, looks, are controlled by an autonomous brain that wants to destroy humanity (otherwise I cannot explain this). In fact, further begins the real thrash for lovers of robotics - robots controlled by another robot kill special forces.

Why robots declared war on humanity? War is everywhere, murder, blood, the corpses of people, and robots. Of course, as elsewhere, there is a happy ending: the main cyborg villain was defeated and the rest of the military was saved.

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All happy; evil defeated! The scenario incidentally resembles the Terminator, where one machine rules the other to destroy humanity.

What really happened? Was it a coup of robots, or perhaps just one super smart robot decided to evolve? Anyway, killer robots are also made with high quality and look believable.

Sometimes it seems that the authors want to tell us something important, raising the topic of using military vehicles in the army, but the vague script does not allow them to be heard.

Who is stronger: robots or people?

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 Personages and Actors

About acting, you can say that it turned out fifty to fifty. It seemed that the heroes tried and showed both emotions and fear and surprise. It seems actors showed everything that they were able to show in such a film.

The main thing is, I think that the characters did not manage to convince the viewer of the reality of what is happening. It seems that the heroes themselves are afraid and do not understand how this can be, but there is a slight indifference to what is happening and an unnatural facial expression that betrays a person and speaks of insincerity in his actions.

Mills - a girl-technician with a beautiful face but iron inside. From the first minute of the film, it is obvious that Mills is a cyborg, and she herself does not hide it. Another question - why is she in the team? Does it help the soldiers, or vice versa, controls and coordinates the actions of the killer robots?

In her head, there are millions of bytes of information. She sees everything and everyone; she scans what is happening via her eyes. Not everyone is happy with such a companion, but there is no choice.

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Overall Impression

Searching for the films with artificial intelligence, I came up with KILL COMMAND. When I checked the trailer, I immediately realized that I would like the movie. In my head flashed the thought bitLanders' topic. Yes, the beginning is stereotypical, but it maybe was not possible to show it in another way. How else would a squad of soldiers get to a closed training territory? In principle, if you delve into the plot, then too many questions do not arise.

The beginning is intriguing and shows in all its glory that very near future. At first, the film seemed predictable and quite typical. But all is not so simple. Unfortunately, there are no intriguing moments and action-twists. All in the old manner - the warriors die one by one, and as a result, just a couple of people survived who defeated evil with great forces.

I was confused by the scene only once, when, when approaching S.A.R., the unconscious Mills came to his senses for a second, exchanged some information with the robot, and lost conscious again. And the iron monster went into the forest as if nothing had happened. And, well, another moment when the same S.A.R. at the first meeting uploaded to the Mills information. This should make some sense; otherwise, it is not clear why these scenes are in the film at all. Maybe I just misunderstood. 

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Why is this squad sent to the training? The film clearly states "we will go because others are busy." There was a request for training - they responded to this request. Actually, therefore, there are no deliberate strategic moves. And the first battle, just as part of the training, the soldiers played well. And only after they found out that not they are having exercises, but someone is having exercises on them.

I did not find enough ideas in the film. What was shown was interesting but too superficial for me. The filmmakers tried to take us to something but did not dare. For example, It was somehow suspicious that machine-robots could kill as well, and only S.A.R walks openly. If he is programming the machines, why come up close to the enemy, why risk the available data? And so, finally, the feeling of some understatement remained.

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The plot of the film seemed to be very interesting; well, after the films labeled zombies, virus, apocalypse, the theme of robots directly pleased the eye, and when you consider that the film did not become boring until the end, it says that the director succeeded everything he planned to put in the plot.

I would say that the film did not have enough brightness and entertainment, which for the most part is deprived of the film. It cannot be said that it is gray and completely dim, yet there is something that gives interest.

In general, I would say that the film could turn out to be quite good if more people were added, to diversify the scenes, to make a more dynamic action.

This film had the potential to be one of the best sci fi this year. It's low-budget, yet the actors, the scenery, the CGI, the costumes, the effects, the music, the sound they are all top quality.

Credit: imdb

  On A Final Note 

The main question is whether you are ready to simply abandon the skepticism, and just relax and watch a cheap non-blockbuster old-school action movie about special forces against robots. The idea itself does not provide us any special intellectual depth.

In fact, is it your kind of movie, you can judge in the first twenty-five minutes, when the design of robots, the main locations in the form of the northern forest and military training base, weapons, and ammunition of special forces, as well as the first action scene are shown. If all of this together has made a positive impression, watch further; it will definitely not be worse, but in terms of the fighting, even better.

If in less than half an hour it seemed that you were watching a cheap fake, a sort of artisanal parody of the Terminator, then turn off and look for another film. The interest in such low-budget action thrillers, which only imitate expensive projects, but in fact are not, is very dependent on subjective perception. The main thing is not to wait of the KILL COMMAND something other than the robot-human battles, and what their quality is - you can see almost immediately.


KILL COMMAND Movie Review - Photo credit: mubi

Conclusion: KILL COMMAND is not the worst way to spend the evening. This is not the film that you want to review several times. But if you take the film for what it is, it is able to deliver a lot of pleasure. 


My rating: 6.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 75/100
Metacritic: -/100
Critics average: 45/100
IMDb: 5.7/10

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