Killed soul

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Sabrina’s P.O.V
I always wonder why there are people who have everything they dream of family, food ,money, parents right parents , the good ones who comfort their children and raise them, but they’re still asking for more and  more. It’s so frustrating t live in such a place where they’re judging books by their covers, where money talks instead of the mouth , where the truth couldn’t find it’s place between the lies and sins.
Well, I’m Sabrina , I’m 17 , I always imagine a day when the unspoken words will break the boundaries  and make its way , when we end up being ourselves, when we’ll live inside a visible law, how would that look ? A life full of what do you want ! No pretending to enjoy, No FORCING, I’m overthinking I know.
But The truth is We’re always running from ourselves hiding behind pieces of  clothes , trying to please other people surrounding us , I gotta do something , I have to stop these lies and start living the truth, It’s hard yeah , but at least I’ll try that’s why I’m making n end to my life Good bye MY AWFUL DAD , Good bye my sadness , Very good bye to my step- mother Caroline! Say Hi to my soul. I’m dead in the inside but my body’s refusing to give me peace and give up like my soul did , it’s stubborn begging me to give m self a chance , but not this time! I’ll cut myself , I had enough living in this shitty house with a shitty father who screw his own daughter every single day  he comes back drunk at home and hit me  I really can’t take this anymore. I took the knife from the kitchen and head toward the bathroom
sight is hazy , I feel so dizzy ,and with that I get lost in my own happiness.

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