KinoKino residency

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So last year i was lucky enough to be able to participate in an arts residency in Norway in association with the KinoKino center for visual arts in Sandnes in Rogaland..


during my 6 weeks there i was given the time and space to realize a project i had been interested in for a while.  My main aim was to create a video work which was based upon science, specifically particles and atoms.  I wished to create a video installation that would try and suggest something microscopic, chemical reactions and primarily my own interpretation or imagination of my own particles.  Using everyday materials and macro videography i was succesful in creating a multi channel experimental journey through sound and vision! The whole experience was really beneficial for my own arts practice.. attached is an image of how my final work was exhibited and later on i shall share with you here a single screen version of the work i produced!!


best wishes to you all!

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