kiss of love.

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I want to ask an open question to all of you that, if a boy publicly kisses his girlfriend do you object? +Kissing is a way of transferring intense emotions between two individuals. And there is no harm of kissing, so why should we interrupt them,

why publicly kissing should be a crime, why people think publicly kissing is provoking others and it's an eye hazard. Recently in delhi, which is situated in the Southern part of +India in Kerala state, an incident shocked the country. A couple were kissing in a cafe and that was caught on camera. This particular scene were shown in the media, which instigate few mobs, who broke the shop. And this incident leads to a countrywide protest about +Moral policing. delhi called for a day 'Kiss of Love' where people would +Kiss publicly and protest against the narrow mindedness of moral police.

The protest was unsuccessful as police arrived and arrested 40 people from the march. Now it spreads over Kolkata at the eastern part of India, and +Student of a reputed +University take part in the 'Kiss of Love' to protest against moral policing.

A sweet kiss is a romantic and speechless to say love you. kiss is the way to say you can not talk to your partner. it can express emotions and our feelings..

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