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Book is a main source of knowledge. We get our knowledge from book. In isolation it’s our best friend. We can pass our time, get pleasure and amuse ourselves by reading them. All past great people got their knowledge from books and gave their knowledge, observations, ideas and experiments in form of books.

Book is a bank of words. Not look or outer cover its words that make a book unique and precious. Its material makes it famous. There are many types of books like science books, drama, novel and poetry books. We get some kind of knowledge from every type. They taught us science and mathematics. They taught us humanity, love and kindness. They make us respectable and decent.

Our new generation is not giving attention to the books. They are only focusing their syllabus books. They read their syllabus books so they have only a small quantity of knowledge. Despite of reading any non-curriculum book they spend their time in watching television or doing any other activity.

Library is a book archive. We can get all types of books from it. Unfortunately now a days our libraries facing shortage of book readers. Only old people go to libraries young ones giving no interest in it. We have to build interest in young people towards books. As book reading is a hobby that is full of knowledge.




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