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To see how successful event in Korean TV drama, can be seen from the rating of the event, given the barometer of an event can be said to be good is the ranking.
Among the many Korean TV dramas that have good ratings and a lot of the audience is;
  Unexpected You (produced in 2012)
  Famous Princess (produced in 2006)
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House (produced in 2009)
All About Eve (produced in 2000)
  Miss Mermaid (produced in 2002)
All In (made in 2003)
Shining Inheritance (produced in 2009)
My Rosy Life (produced in 2005)
The Moon That Embarance The Sun (produced in 2012)
Autumn In My Heart (produced in 2000)

Rows of names above are some of the drama that has captured the hearts of audiences inside and outside of Korea, that the rating is also good.
Although there are still many who have a special place in the hearts of Korean TV drama viewers.

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