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Daryl Ong's voice makes me scratch my head and reflect back on my own performances. I might want to recheck my videos also LOL. His singing is so soulful and I want to have this kind of performance everytime I sing. How do i do this? He knows how to penetrate the souls and bones of every listener who listens to his voice, his wonderful voice. His voice also sounds clear and big. Maybe I should also do my voice like that. He loves making varying pitch in most of his performances which I like. How can I be like this, making a creatively unique sound in all of my performances? Wah, he's really good. Such a performance from the heart. I'm just.... speechless....

*Daryl Ong 'You' by Basil Valdez

Video source: Daryl Ong Official (YouTube.com)

I couldn't remember exactly where or how I found him on the internet. Wait. Was that during one of his performances with his group 'Voices of 5' in one of their music videos? That song was called, 'Mahal Pa Rin Kita' (I Still Love You). It was just a revival of Moonstar's 1993 hit and I was just awed when I heard it. Originally at first I noticed their another member Walton Zerrudo who could belt really high notes which indeed amazed me. But later on, when Daryl Ong sang his part of the song, I began to ask who he was. He had this definite style of waving his voice up and down in pitch or tone. I can't actually describe it but I hope you get it. You know the voice style of Eric Bellinger or any other RnB singers. But hey, Daryl Ong's tone stands out as one of the most beautiful voices (apart from Jay-R Sillona's, which also gives me goosebumps) among all other RnB singers. And then from that on, I began to search more about him. I learned that his group also published a video of 'Sinaktan Mo ang Puso Ko' (You Broke My Heart) song cover which was originally sang by Micheal V, a Filipino comedian. His voice also stood out there for me. He is an RnB singer but he could also pull off ballad. What a style!

I added him on Facebook together with Walton Zeruldo. Unfortunately, Walton Zerrudo (the other member of Voices of 5) didn't accept me. :(. Luckily, Kuya Daryl Ong (Kuya means older brother in Filipino) accepted me (so hurray! :) ). During that time, he wasn't yet very famous (or maybe just wasn't famous yet) even though they had gathered quite a lot of subscribers on their Youtube page. Yes, I could consider myself as one of his original and avid followers. :)

*Voices of Five

*From Left to Right: Johann Mendoza, Walton Zerrudo, Sol Glass, Daryl Ong, and Drey Reyes

Photo Source: sg.style.yahoo.com

*Voices of 5 in one of their live acts!

Photo Source: prnews.com.ph

It was around in the mid-year of 2015 when he rose to prominence when he joined 'The Voice of the Philippines Season 2'. Yes, he joined The Voice Season 2! :) And it was surprising!

*Daryl Ong's blind audition in the Voice Ph.

Video Source: The Voice of the Philippines (YouTube.com)

*The title of the song is 'Paano' (How) by Gary Valenciano. If you're trying to figure out the English translation of the lyrics, it's about a guy who's trying to break up with his girlfriend because he's found a new love but he just can't tell her and he's saying that he doesn't know how.

I relistened to his audition video and still got the same reaction. Goosebumps all over, everywhere! It pinches my heart and just wow. Just wow.

*Daryl Ong joining in the middle of the competition

Photo Source: zeibiz.com

*During one of his rehearsal sessions for The Voice live shows

Photo Source: The Voice PH - Season II (YouTube.com)

After he joined The Voice, a lot of followers followed him and he must have felt very overwhelmed about that. Even if I was Daryl Ong, I would have felt overwhelmed too! He started to have a lot of TV guestings and got the chance to sing the theme songs of some of the biggest TV dramas in the Philippines like 'Stay' of 'On the Wings of Love' and 'Basta't Kasama Kita' (As Long As I'm With You) of 'Ang Probinsyano' (The Man from the Province). At present, he will also be singing for an upcoming TV drama called, 'Till I Met You' (Yes, Philippines has a lot of TV dramas. Hehe).

*Some of his TV guestings: 'Gandang Gabi Vice' (Good evening Vice) on ABS-CBN.

Photo Source: staging.entertainment.abs-cbn.com

*A picture of him guesting at 'Pambansang Almusal' (National Breakfast) on NetTV, another TV network in the Philippines.

Photo Source: Pambansang Almusal (YouTube.com)

He is also busy doing mall tours as of this moment. What a dream come true like he's indeed lying down on the sugar-coated clouds full of his fulfilled dreams and happiness. :)

*Daryl Ong at Himig Handog PPop Love Songs 2016 tour:

Photo Source: THEDREAMWISHGROUP (YouTube.com)

Because of his success, launching of his self-titled album followed!

Photo Source: 8tracks.com

While some people would bash him because of his face value, who cares actually when you have a wonderful voice? It doesn't matter anymore. He has a good voice and he's successful and it's hard to find someone like him as an artist and as a singer. We, the supporters, will always remember kuya (big brother) Daryl Ong as someone who's soulful and has passion for what he does. I hope he continues to touch more hearts and inspire other singers like me. Wait, did I just call myself a singer? LOL. Such my inspiration you are, Kuya Daryl. I wish I can make it big too, if God allows.

Just one picture tells a thousand words of such success.

Photo credits to: @Manalo Andrealyn (Facebook.com) 

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