LabStuff, the minecraft mod that add's stuff for yo lab!

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Currently working on my mod, LabStuff.

LabStuff on CurseForge

My main focus is the new Power system, LabVolts or LV.

LabVolts will be generated using a range of generators.

The default mod is set to include

-Power furnace, burn any furnace fuel to get power, 10 LV/t

-Solar Panel, place in the sun,100 Lv/t when it's sunny, 50 in rain, 20 at night, 0 in storms

-Wind turbine, place in your world and wire it up. starts t 150 LV/t, and can get up to 250 in storms

-Fusion reactors, use the electrifier to turn water into hydrogen, and burn the hydrogen into a boiling hot plasma! Spin this plasma around enough in a tokamak, and absorb the released neutrons from the fusion events that occur, use this to make steam to turn a turbine twisting a generator! Fusion reactors produce up to 1000 LV per tick!

LV and RF are convertable too! With a  LV to RF ratio of 2:1 and two nice blocks to transfer RF to your LV network, and LV back to RF, you can power all your favorite mods with Lv producing generators, RF producing generators, or both!

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