Minecraft Wii U Edition Mario Mashup Resource Pack - A Short Review

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So today we are going to talk about Minecraft Wii U Edition Mario Mashup Resource Pack. Minecraft is a pleasant non traditional game that resemble a cross between Lego, Doom, and Second Life, yet with chickens, pigs, and zombies. Its representation are eagerly low quality - sort of as park South, yet blockier - and in return for the low quality, the world is absolutely editable in-diversion. It's extremely popular among young men 9 and up.


The Minecraft Wii U Edition Mario Mashup Resource Pack is basically a resource pack that is based on the most popular and one of the most played, Super Mario Game Series. It is actually the part of Wii U version of the same resource pack that has been launched not long ago. It portrays lots of elements that will remind you of the Super Mario game series like the strange hills, the plants etc. The best thing about the pack is that it has amazingly vibrant, bright and exciting color pallet that ensures that the texture looks lively and attractive.


We can expect an upgraded or enhanced version in near future as there are some implementations to be made. For example the pack's resolution is 16x16 obviously it does not allow implementing a really high level of detailing in the texture although the texture is really clean, stylish and vivid at the moment but there is always a room of improvement!


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