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For the sake of those who doesn't know, I am undergoing DIODE laser hair removal sessions since the last two years. Yeah, blame my genes for being hairy. Anyway, I am having my underarms undergo this treatment because I'm too lazy to shave/pluck/wax those hairs but believe me, I've tried that all before. I just grew tired of it. Lol. I'm impatient like that.

I have already undergone 10 sessions in a span of two years and it gave me a really good outcome. Now I'm only taking booster shots(no I'm not a chicken) so those few remaining hairs would be totally gone for good. Just last year, I started having my upper lip undergo laser too. I used to have mustache but because of my friend convincing me to let it off, I gave in and I liked the result and so I continue it. 

Here are some of the few questions I got related to this:

1. Is it painful? -Oh yes it is. Despite the advertisements saying it was painless, I assure you it isn't. Probably because of the energy level. The higher the energy level, the more painful it is yet the more effective it will become. No pain, no gain! :)

2. How much is it per session? - It depends on the derma clinic rates but mine is 1,500 pesos per session for Underarm while Upper lip is 1,000 pesos. But no need to worry because they give promos and discounts! 

3. How long is the interval between sessions? -It usually takes around 6-8 weeks before you come back for another session again. 

4. How long does one session take? - Usually around 5-10 minutes only. :)

5. Which is better, IPL or DIODE? -DIODE is way better and faster! :)

And here goes their scary machine. Lol

More questions? Ask on the comment box below. :)

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