Last week and still working on "Hon wo taberu"

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From almost two months I´m working in "Hon wo taberu". This process is going more slowly than I thought, that´s makes me feel really tired. This is the first work that I´m doing just by myself and without a general producer working on the schedule, but it was my choice and I´m going to start to work with Yeniffer Fasciani(Niebla Producciones) in the process of edition and distribution.

The actual situation of the short film is that I´m still finishing in the storyboards. This storyboard process is really different of the other projects that I made, because in this one I´m just working with list of actions and moments as a "script". For that reason I´m making the shooting script without an script and inventing each take just in the moment of make the drawing.

I must admit that I thought it would be faster, but the time that I won without some production processes is being used in this stage and finally is taking me almost the same time but with other steps.

For now I have almost 60 frames and I´m drawing the last scene of this animation short.

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