Laughing at a stranger with another stranger

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They’re everywhere. . They’re on every bus we ride, sitting in every doctor’s office, and standing behind every take-out counter. They’re beside us on the sidewalk, in front of us at the ballgame, and behind us at the movies. . Yes, you all know who I’m talking about. . Weirdos. . Weirdos are holding kittens on leashes on the bus wearing giant fur hats, weirdos are talking gossip on their cell phone in the library, weirdos are wearing headphones and singing the Perfect Strangers theme song. . And you know how I know weirdos are everywhere? Because we’re weirdos too, my friend. I’m a weirdo, you’re a weirdo, so let’s just accept it and move on. . Now, nothing’s more fun than spotting a weirdo and trading the classic “Do you see what I see?” look with another stranger. Yes, when that connection snaps it’s like you’re suddenly surrounded by a close friend and chuckling at a little absurdity in the middle of the big absurdity of it all. Yes, laughing at a stranger with another stranger makes your sighting a little more real, a little more funny, and a lot more . AWESOME!

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