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As you might know, to type is really, really usefull. You will use less time on writing anything, you will focus better and you will have fewer errors when writing. (for more information why you should know how to type click here) The problem is that you have to learn it and to find a nice software or website for it isn't easy. Now the good new is that I found the right one for you. 

The name of the website is keybr (click here to register). It is totally free. You can register with you e-mail, with your mozilla persona account or with your google account, but you can also work with the website without registration. If you register with the e-mail, you will not need any password, they will send you a link where you have to click and you just get remembered on the website.

 The reason why I like the website is because you don´t just get nice graphics with your results or because they organize the lesson interesting, or because they have a nice responsive design, it is because you can type against other people and that is the best way to measure your abillities.

Well that's it, hope you liked it!

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