Legal compliance and HSE relevant requirements of act and regulation and compressed air safety

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Legal compliance and HSE relevant requirements of act and regulation



Sweeping of floor daily 

White washing at least once in every four months

Cleaning record keeping

Fresh air supply

Dust and fumes

Effective measures to prevent its (accumulation – collect) and inhalation

Every stationery internal combustion engine will have an exhaust conducted into open air.

Over crowding

Proper lighting artificial or natural or both

Provision of emergency lighting of special points in work rooms and passages

Provision of suitable points for clean drinking water

Provision of clean and sufficient number of latrines and urinals

Every part of cranes and other lifting equipment shall be of good construction sound materials and adequate strength and properly maintained.

To provide limits switches to prevent overrunning.

Maximum safe working load interlocking system to every hoist or lift used for carrying persons.


Compressed air safety


  1. Take care of breathing objectives is to open the airway and thus restores the breathing by mouth resuscitation.
  2. Place in comfortable position
  3. Check air pressure, leakage for connections and functioning of low pressure alarm by qualified person


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