Legendary Warrior Cultures of Ancient History

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Legendary Warrior Cultures of Ancient History

There existed a wide variety of ancient warriors, wider than Napoleonic or Modern Times. Here, below is a list of the Top  Legendary Warrior Cultures throughout history. Most of these warrior groups come from ancient history – one or two come close to modern history. Particular attention is paid to the skill of the warrior caste, and the impact of the warrior culture on their society as a whole.

. Maori Warriors

Having a reputation for eating their enemies in order to capture their “Mana”, that is their respect. The Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. They were believed to have settled into New Real Maori Warrior Chief Wielding a Mere in New Zealand around 1280 AD. War was common between tribes, generally over land conflicts or to gain or restore Mana (spiritual power and prestige). The Maori people believed that combat was sacred to their ancestors and they fought to acquire mana spiritual power and prestige. Cannibalism was fueled by the desire to gain the mana of a foe defeated in battle. Unlike most native cultures, the Maori were never conquered. They were fierce warriors who would engage in a Peruperu, or war dance, prior to attacking their enemies in order to intimidate them and even give them a preview of the ensuing slaughter.


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