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the battle of uhud was an extension of the battle of badr. smarting under the ignominy of their defeat at badr. the Qureish of makkah assembled  a large army of 3,000 persons and marched to madina to avenge their earlier defeat.


the force was led by abu sufyan which included every adult from the qureish. the force was fully equipped with war weapons and accompanied by a coniderable number of women who sang songs to inspire the warriors.


the qureish were confident that this time they would win and teach the muslims a lesson. when the holy prophet (s.a.w) came to know of the intentions of the qureish of makkah, He held a council of war. He waspersonally of muslims was to remain in madina and let the enemy besiege the city.


the idea was that if the enemy besieged the city, its force would have to be dispersed in a number of sectors, and the muslims could strike a blow at the enemy where the enemy concentration was the weakest.


The younger elements among the muslims, however, insisted that the battle should be fought in the open at some distance away from madina .their argument was that the enemy should not be allowed to approach madina at any cost.  

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