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Spring has sprung! And we think that watching new and exciting movies are a good way to celebrate!

Let's start with Carla Veldman, a filmmaker specialized in stop-motion and puppet animation. She uses film to explore the difficult moments of life. Her short animation, The Scarf, is no exception and invites you into the life of a young boy who slowly learns how to deal with his grand mother's Alzeimer disease. But far from being sad, the story really manages to deliver the filmmaker's message. Have a look at her blog post about puppet-making and you might want to give it a try.

Let's continue with the captivating serial Zorro's Fighting Legion. Heros spend their lives facing evil villains. This time, Don Diego has to discover the identity of the mysterious Don Del Oro and prevent him from taking over Mexico. This serial really stands out for its time: entertaining plotline, cliffanghers and well-executed stunt actions, it has it all. Don't worry, the whip, mask and cape are still part of the equation to make the legend complete!

Lastly, let's finish with the 9 new movies of the week:
Mr Morag's Helical Dream by Alex Nakone
Jog by Fuzzy Duck Creative
Kuragannon by Raffi Asdourian
Rubbish by Amy Allen
Ami by the Vancouver Film School
The Patroline Procedure by Tim Orchard
419 by Vincent Vesco
The Scarf by Carla Veldman
Enco, Travesias a Vapor (Enco, a Steam Journey) by Ignacio Ruiz Alvarez

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