Lets Save the earth and become a Superhero/SuperWoman Challenge

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We often see superheroes like Superman, Batman and their likes fighting the evil guys and saving the innocent people and sometimes saving the earth. However even we can do our bit to save our beloved planet.

We can start with

#1 Switch of lights and other electrical equipment's when not in use.

#Shut down Vs Standby. Gadgets in standby mode too consume power. So its better to turn them off completely this saves electricity and puts less strain on the environment

#Unplug unused devices from power sockets. If you are not going to use an electrical/electronic gadget then unplug it completely. This saves power.

#Use star rated electrical equipment. Electrical devices specially the high power consuming ones like Air Conditioning Units,refrigerators should be energy star compliant. A better star rating means a better utilization of energy. e.g a 5 energy star AC will be more energy efficient then a 3 energy star AC of the same power rating 

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