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Whether  you have a particular grievance against a newspaper that you wish to air or a more general problem with the world at large, you can always write to the newspaper in question setting out your complaint and hoping that the letter will be printed on the letters to the editors page. Whatever your reason for writing, it is main to bear in mind the most serious newspaper receive many more letters than  they can ever possibly print and yours will, therefore, need to be of particular interest if it is going to stand a chance at appearing in print.
You should also always bear in mind that space is limited, and that your letter will undoubtedly be cut to fit the page and that no one will ask for your permission to do so. If your original is so wildly cut as to have its original meaning distorted, then a further letter may help matters, but it’s originally better to try and keep your letter fairly short so that it cannot be cut at all.
Start by being assertive and starting the capacity in which you are writing the letter. If you are complaining about an article which rebred to yourself or your company, state your position within the company and / or area of expertise. Say how your business might have been adversely affected and what remedy you would looked to see implemented an admission of error correcting your first letter is the  normal  remedy.

if your complaint is not personal but about a particular article in the newspaper, be specific and quote the date on which the article appeared . Bear in mind that even a letter to a magazine with a relatively low circulation will be read by any number of experts in the relevant field. Check every detail in your letter because someone else is sure to notice if you get a point wrong. Never speak on behalf of other people if you do not have the necessary authority to do so and always be prepared to argue your point further if your letter gets a, possibly lengthy and highly critical, response.  

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