Life is struggle

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Life is choice where we can choose what we want but we must struggle to make it true. Life is simple for someone who have had much knowledge, life is compleceted for someone who has narrow minded, life is beautiful for someone who like travelling.

We live in this world just for moment and we will pass it very quickly. We have to face it patiently with strong struggle and optimisme. We must not give up to live in this world because of some problems happen to us. We must struggle to face whatever happen in our life because it is not eternal. Living in this world without struggling will be useless.

After we live in this world, we will live in the grave alone without anyones who can accompany us. It is just our amal when we are still in the world. So that just as weel while we live in the world we have to struggle to prepare for our next life that many people call it “alam barzah”. What have we done in this world? Have we been useful people or useless people?. We can answer the question from our buttom of our heart.

Living in the world is not easy as we think, we just drop in a moment, we will continue our trip until the hereafter  where all creations will gather together next time. We must have much knwledge how to live in the world and hereafter happily. We need more struggle to know it well.

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