Life of Asians in United kingdom!

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Biggest dream of youngsters in Asian countries "i want to go to UK" not knowing that the stuff shown in the movies, the things we see on internet, television is not real, even if it is its not for all of us. They spend thousands to get the visa and go to UK thinking they'll be playing in pounds but that is not the real picture my friends. Those thousands of pounds don't come that easily. You have to work hours, you have to ruin your sleep you have to stop caring for your food you have to stop thinking that you are a human. 

You get half of the minimum wage here if you work illegally because legally you are not allowed to work that much so you can earn pounds and that is the biggest mistake everybody makes. This place is not for us. The work that you do here why not do it in your country? Why not work in your country and keep the respect that you have. You lose your respect here, you'll will be abused, you will be told shit and you cannot do anything about it. 

This is a big misunderstanding of the Asians, love your countries guys work there and i am sure you can do much much better there than in this country. If you want to wash dishes, fill up the shelves in the shops, wash cars and do all the hard labour and get nothing but a few pounds then this is the best place. Do something small but do it in your country and do it with respect because that is what matters in the end!

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