Life of villages peoples and there life style

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A village is made up of farm houses. mud houses uneven dirt ponds. there are  dung hills heaps of rubbish and cows of dung cakes. In some of the big villages there are clusters of shady trees. Outside the village there is a big Mango tree along the pond.

Village folks and some of there cattle take rest under it is sample and beautiful shade in summer. The minarets of a village mosque rise higher out of the low skyline of a village. The azan is the welcome in beautiful sound in the quiet village five times a day there are cattle and cart sheeps dark and ill smelling.

where crows and buffaloes are kept. there are a couple of stables for horses and poetry houses. the chickens ducks and geese are free to run about in the open spaces as they please.when all the birds and animals make there cries the village is a some what noisy place . the donkeys bray the cocks crow the hens cackle and cluck.

The ducks in dirty drains the horse neigh the bulls bellow the cows low. the doge barks and growls the cat and owls screech at night. the village folks are really the back bone of our country.they are stout of heart and strong of limb.

they face very harsh conditions in village and around. but they seldom complain as compared with a big city they seem to have stepped into another country.the farmer go his fields in the morning. the harvest time is very busy. men and women children work together at seed time and harvest .a head life indeed.

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