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Life always exist two shades of black - white clear, human minds, too: the struggle between reason and heart. Themselves immersed themselves absorbed in the conflicting emotions: - Noisy and quiet: the appearance is just a cover for a soul to be strong. - Indecisive and hesitant: there are relationships thought it will be fine, will last but it's hard to know what you need, what you want to still have never made ​​myself feel satisfied. - Face and run away: for each loss, should stumble past is something so poignant. Having faced all but dismissed memories people say "Ego pain long memory." Me too long because sometimes themselves unrestrained emotion, buried frail, lonely creeps. Sometimes wonder whether real life emotions have not any more comfortable? Price as can foresee the future, what in reality would never be so anxiety. But forever only in forcing his desire to get themselves feel alone.


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